4 financial services clients and counting — who said outsource homeworking wouldn’t work for the money men?

We’re not allowed to say who yet, but this month we started working for another financial services client. This time it’s one of the fastest growing, best known and most forward-thinking names in consumer insurance.

Ten years ago I was told that homeworking wouldn’t work for the money men. “It’s too risky, against the regulations and never going to work with our IT” — just some of the reasons I heard time and again.

Never one to be swayed by opinion alone, I thought we could show homeworking would work well for this the most tightly regulated and cost competitive sector. If it worked for financial services, any other sector would also be a snap.

Fast forward to 2018 — our FCA approval, ISO accreditation and secure technology platform means we’ve just started working with our 4th financial services client. All were convinced by the service, cost and corporate social responsibility benefits of homeworking, and saw no problems with using it.

In the end, the barriers we faced were nothing to do with people, technologies or process — it was just plain old resistance to change.

With so many benefits for people and organisations, homeworking is now fast becoming the norm. I’m looking forward to welcoming the next four financial services clients very soon.