Homeworking Tips…. from our experts on the Sensée frontline: Week 2

Thanks for the excellent feedback to last week’s work-from-home tips and advice from our Team Managers and Advisors.  Here’s some additional tips.  Hope you find them useful.

How do you:

Separate your home and work life……

“My office (the spare bedroom) is my work life. When I leave it, I treat it as if I’m leaving work.”

Petra, Sensée HomeAgent

………. organise your workspace?

“Workspace is very important to me. It has to be clear of clutter and in the right place in the office. I move my desk to suit the seasons: Summer I sit facing the window, Winter I sit next to the radiator under the window.”

Ginny, Sensée Co-ordinator

………. maintain your health and fitness?

“In nice weather I sit in the garden or have a potter around the block. I live in the Lake District so am lucky because I get to enjoy a wilderness walk within 5 mins of my house. In the Spring I can watch the lambs being born at the bottom of my garden.”

Janet, Sensée Services Adviser

………. not end up snacking all day!?

“Get fruit and vegetables. Cut apples, oranges, carrots etc. into small pieces so that you can snack healthily during the day” 😄

Izabela, Sensée Services Adviser

………. motivate yourself?

“Finish work at 2, in the garden by 10 past 2 (usually asleep in the sun by 2.15), no time wasted on commuting, now that’s motivation for you 🙂.”

Zoe, Sensée Services Adviser

………. optimise your working environment (chair/desk/lighting etc.)?

“Eliminate desk clutter, arrange screens at prime viewing angles, and have relevant equipment handy on hooks within easy reach. Preferably use 100 watt equivalent lightbulbs.”

Jacob, Sensée Services Adviser

………. improve your work-life-balance?

“I use to commute two hours to London each day, and back again, so my work day could be as much as 12 hours. Working from home, I’m working 8 hours, zero travel….. can’t be bad 🙂”

Bev, Sensée Services Adviser

………. manage distractions?

“Working at home has always been easy for me but a lot has changed in the last few weeks with my husband now working from home, and my daughter needing to do her school work.  It has reinforced the importance of having a separate office area and not working in your living space. It’s also important to plan a schedule for the day/week to provide structure and get dressed so you can tell yourself you mean business!”

Amanda, Sensée Team Leader

………. decide what to wear?

“Getting properly dressed for work – even into baggy and comfy stuff – helps headspace.” 

Kimberley, Sensée home-based Adviser

………. and what do you do during your breaks, and at lunch?

“During lunch and breaks I catch up on housework, eat meals and relax. I minimise screen time to give my eyes a rest.”

Jade, Sensée Services Adviser


Homeworking Tips…. from our experts on the Sensée frontline

Coronavirus is forcing organisations to rapidly change and adapt to new disciplines and business models.  Amongst the most significant of these is home working.

In a new weekly feature, we’ll be providing topical tips and advice from Team Managers and Advisors on the Sensée frontline to help organisations make a success of home working.  We hope you find them useful.

How do you separate your home and work life…..

“Journey to work is not just a physical distance to travel but a mental one too. Allow enough time before your shift to prepare for the day ahead.”

Jennifer, Sensée Services Adviser

…… organise your workspace?

“Make sure your office area is a nice place to work. Decorate with bright colours, flowers etc. You are spending a lot of time there so it needs to be bright and comfortable.”

Bev, Sensée Services Adviser

…… maintain your health and fitness?

“Even though I work from home I still ‘walk to work’. So I leave my front door every morning – which ensures no jimjams – and take a brisk mile or two walk around the block. I then arrive at work oxygenated and ready to rock.”

Nick, Sensée Services Adviser

…… not end up snacking all day!?

“Bring snacks! There is nobody else in the ‘office’ to steal them!”

Ryan, Sensée Services Adviser

…… motivate yourself?

“If you are honest, with a good work ethic, then home working will pose no issues.  If you use work for ‘social’ then you may struggle. So ensure you are part of chat groups to keep up with news, gossip etc.”

Sharon, Sensée Services Adviser

…… optimise your working environment?

“Have plants in the office. I have a venus flytrap called Audrey.  Taking care of her is part of my daily routine.”

Janet, Sensée Services Adviser

…… improve your work-life-balance? 

“I have a separate desk in a separate room in a quiet part of the house.  I get up, get showered, dressed and put on a wee bit of make-up (can’t do anything without my lippy!).  I leave the kitchen after brekki and off to the office.  Blu tack a ‘do not enter’ sign to the office door (important to let the family know my shifts and my breaks so they are respectful and quiet whilst I’m on shift).  When it’s time for a break I am pretty much guaranteed they’ll meet me in the kitchen with a coffee and a toastie.  A tik tok dance with my daughter ensures I definitely switch off for a wee while at lunchtime!”

Alison, Sensée Services Adviser

…… manage distractions? 

“If you now find yourself with other family members in the house, work out a solution for internet access that won’t interfere with your work. We are using an old android phone as a wifi hotspot with a pay-as-you-go SIM.  It gives my son sufficient broadband to do his school work and video chat with his friends.”

Denise, Sensée Services Adviser

…… decide what to wear? 

“I look in the wardrobe for something that speaks to me.”

Gill, Sensée Services Adviser

…… and what do you do during your breaks, and at lunch?

“Breaks are a great time to fit in the household chores that you usually save up all week. Hoovering, preparing the tea…. anything really so that when you finish work you have nothing to do.  It makes you organise your free time more effectively.”

Zoe, Sensée Services Adviser


Why Homeworking is the Way Forward for Customer Interaction in the Current Crisis and Beyond

(Republished courtesy of Enghouse Interactive)

In light of many organisations having to work from home due to the current crisis, Enghouse spoke to Mark Walton, CEO at Sensée, a 100% homeworking operation that delivers customer communication services for leading brands across the UK, on how their approach is resonating strongly with businesses in these difficult times.

Gearing up for homeworking

Every business across the UK has been significantly impacted by the coronavirus outbreak and with the government’s recent advice that people, where possible, should start working from home we have seen makeshift offices spring up in dining rooms, bedrooms and studies throughout the UK. Many have got up and running quickly, working over VPNs, and communicating via mobile and video conference calls with their colleagues and customers.

Many organisations will find the benefits of homeworking around flexibility and scalability are compelling, even while the circumstances in which they made the move were serious and concerning.

It is not as simple as that of course – businesses need to think about issues like team management, scheduling, security and IT support. Yet, many organisations will find the benefits of homeworking around flexibility and scalability are compelling, even while the circumstances in which they made the move were serious and concerning.

Many businesses have considered homeworking – and been attracted by the benefits – but largely put it on the back burner. The current crisis has accelerated those moves immensely, however, with thousands of companies seeking out practical and easy to implement solutions, as well as practical tips and advice.

Finding the right answer in a crisis and in calmer times

When you shift the conversation away from organisations in general and onto contact centre operations, our area of specialisation, the range of potential benefits are arguably even more compelling. Social distancing is an issue in a packed office with tens or hundreds of contact centre agents – not so in a home environment.

When it comes to the COVID-19 crisis, like most companies, we have colleagues who have been affected. Given our homeworking environment though, our levels of absence are less than the average business, and interest in our homeworking solutions is higher than ever. The last few weeks have been extremely busy as we ramp up our outsourcing operation to support both existing and new clients, bringing on hundreds of new advisors as we do so.

The last few weeks have been extremely busy as we ramp up our outsourcing operation to support both existing and new clients, bringing on hundreds of new advisors as we do so.

Keeping our clients’ customer contact operations up and running at times of crisis is helping them reassure their customers that it is ‘business as usual’, as well as enabling them to deal with peaks in demand and keep customers informed and updated with relevant information.

Homeworking is also great for Employee Engagement. It is a flexible approach that can offer staff a better work-life balance, enabling them to fit their hours around existing commitments such as the school run or caring for an elderly parent. Homeworking also opens up opportunities for people who can’t access the normal office. 18% of the Sensée workforce are people who live with a disability, with a further 8% carers to people with special needs.

Overall, trends are very positive

Moving a contact centre operation to a home environment isn’t easy, however, and needs to be carefully planned in order for businesses to fully reap the rewards. Recruiting, managing and training staff all need to be carefully handled with a ‘virtual mindset’. The technology used will also be critically important.

Homeworking is also great for Employee Engagement. It is a flexible approach that can offer staff a better work-life balance, enabling them to fit their hours around existing commitments such as the school run or caring for an elderly parent.

At Sensée we use Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Centre Service Provider (CCSP) as a key solution to manage our multichannel customer contact operation. It offers a true cloud-based contact centre capability which gives our clients the flexibility they need to run an agile business. The solution also dovetails and integrates well with our other solutions such as planning, scheduling and forecasting so that we can get a complete picture of what is happening within the business.

So in summary, homeworking is very much at the forefront of business minds due to the current coronavirus crisis, with organisations looking for practical solutions that ensure business can continue smoothly. Sensée is seeing a large growth in interest from businesses demanding contact centre homeworking solutions that deliver full visibility, control, engagement, information security and scalability – and that can also fully support an engaged and flexible workforce. These are difficult and, trying times where, for many businesses, homeworking is the only option. However, we expect the current spark of interest and engagement in the approach to continue long into the future.

Sensée announces 1000 new UK work-at-home contact centre jobs

Sensée is creating 500 new permanent and 500 new temporary positions to meet the growing demand from its clients for work-at-home staff.

The vacancies are for Customer Contact Advisors, Team Managers and back office staff to work for new and existing clients – including Bupa and Hastings Direct – as well as for a number of Government departments. Start dates are immediate.

Sensée is welcoming applications from people of all backgrounds, levels of experience, gender and age. Contact centre experience is preferred but not essential. Customer service and other job-specific training is provided.  

“We urgently need new home workers to help our clients support their customers through the current crisis” said Mark Walton, CEO of Sensée. “Over the coming months, homeworking will have a crucial role to play in ensuring business continuity for private sector firms, as well as the effective management of citizen and business enquiries within the public sector.” 

Candidates can apply today for the new roles at www.sensee.co.uk

Sensée creates technology ecosystem for businesses to easily deploy contact centre workers at home

Homeworking specialist Sensée has launched CloudWorks™, a homeworking solution that gives organisations all the tools necessary to operate a home-based contact centre operation.

CloudWorks provides technology tools to assist with the remote management, training and co-ordination of staff working from home. It also provides communication and collaboration tools to keep remote workers supported and engaged, as well as the safeguards to ensure the most rigorous Infosec compliance. CloudWorks has ISO27001 accreditation and achieved PCI-DSS and GDPR compliance.

The solution, believed to be the only one of its kind, can be deployed remotely and will bring peace-of-mind to organisations for a fraction of the cost of other standard disaster recovery solutions requiring a secondary passive site.

CloudWorks can be deployed in as little as two weeks – even for large Enterprise deployments. Pricing is calculated on a per agent per month basis.

“The demands of contact centre operations means that a complete 360 degree solution is required that provides full visibility, control, engagement, and of course information security.”

“Homeworking is very much at the forefront of business minds due to the current global Coronavirus crisis” said Steve Mosser, Group CEO of Sensée “with organisations looking for practical solutions that ensure business can continue. For middle management, that may be as simple as ensuring all staff have a reliable computer and phone to work from home. For contact centre operations, doing so with scalability and cost-efficiency is lot more complex. The demands of contact centre operations means that a complete 360 degree solution is required that provides full visibility, control, engagement, and of course information security. CloudWorks delivers all of the above, and more, in a single easily scalable turnkey solution.”

A Complete Homeworking Ecosystem

CloudWorks is composed of four key technologies:

ASSETS™: A homeworker selection and on-boarding tool that enables employees to apply for homeworking, validate that their home office is compliant, and confirm their technology meets specifications.

LIVEDESK™: A Virtual Workplace for collaborating and communicating with homeworkers so that they are engaged and on the business pulse.

SAFEOS™: Sensée’s security framework that locks down the homeworkers’ (self-provided) computer workstation and regulates secure access to business mission-critical applications.

TEAMTONIC®: A sophisticated Scheduling and Tracking tool, tailor-made for the distributed workforce world (with support for multichannel working, split shifts, bid-swaps, real time SMS alerts etc.).

The CloudWorks ecosystem supports the entire Employee Lifecycle – from recruitment and on-boarding to scheduling, training and management – and is fully compliant with UK Employment Law.

Further information about our Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Peak Management services can be found here.

How homeworking reduced cost per call by 30% compared to bricks and mortar centres

Bupa started its homeworking journey back in 2014.  

From staff satisfaction surveys, the company knew that homeworking was of interest to employees (especially from a work-life-balance (WLB), health & well being and money-saving perspective) and wanted the know-how & expertise to one day offer it to its contact centre agents.  

The Sensée Partnership has allowed Bupa to learn, as well as realise operational benefits including:

  • An expanded recruitment talent pool, especially within the untapped market (i.e. people who couldn’t otherwise get into the office): Bupa’s operations are currently located in two highly competitive areas for contact centre employees – Salford and Staines.
  • Office cost savings: Especially given that Bupa was planning to downsize to a smaller office in Salford
  • Hardware costs: With Sensée’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model, people are responsible for their own equipment/broadband connections,  engendering a different attitude to downtime (with people much more eager to ensure that everything works).
  • Happier employees: Homeworking led to a reduction in unsociable shifts for office workers (with homeworkers more willing to work these shifts) giving rise to less attrition and therefore less new recruitment expense
  • Greater efficiency
  • Business continuity: Setting itself the challenge ‘could we get our homeworking staff up and running from home within 30 mins in the event of an emergency?’

Adding value 

Early on, several Discovery sessions took place around IT, risk, recruitment, training, Learning & Development, and Planning/Scheduling.  Dual Line Management was introduced as Sensée learnt Bupa’s business and Bupa tapped into Sensée’s homeworking management expertise. 30 advisers were recruited. 

By August 2020, numbers had increased to 120 FTE, with Bupa recently requesting a further 30 FTE at short notice to assist with Bupa Mobile App & website queries via webchat, email and telephony.

Sensée advisers manage calls from personal, company & corporate customers.  They deal with everything from detail changes to complex assessments of a customer’s condition against eligibility criteria, on occasions booking treatment.  Advisers often deal with vulnerable customers and are extra vigilant to ensure effective support.  

Sensée is now fully embedded into Bupa’s operation. It is self-sufficient within the Bupa Academy, conducting its own induction coaching rather then relying on Bupa trainers.  Sensée Team Leaders/Managers also frequently speak with Bupa Managers about changes that affect the entire operation – such as Project Evolve, which focused on the unexpected challenges of Covid-19 and involved additional workload for specialist call types. The teams meet weekly to discuss customer complaints and adviser coaching, conducting weekly/monthly staffing & performance reviews.  

Sensée has shared its processes for improving AHT in weekly workshops and, in August 2020, ran a ‘day in the life’ session for Bupa covering: how Sensée people manage/structure their days remotely, use technology to manage remotely, use ‘tone of voice’, and combat isolation/maximise engagement using the Sensée LiveDesk virtual workplace.


The Sensée scheduling model is very important to Bupa.  Bupa models its schedules around fixed patterns (e.g. 9-11 Monday is its busiest period and by the middle of the day often has too many people).  So it uses the flexibility of Sensée’s annualised hours model to staff around peak demand periods, as well as increase staffing during busy seasonal periods (i.e. Jan, Sept, school holidays and Xmas).

Occupancy (i.e. the time advisers actually speak to customers on the phone) is another key factor.  “Sensée runs at 95% occupancy.  Normally we’d be reluctant to do this but it just works” says Bupa’s Tom Doran. “Sensée Advisers can book split shifts in one or 2 hour blocks.  Normally people would get burn out if they worked 7 hours non stop but it works for shorter periods at high occupancy.  We’d love to get our people doing the same but it just doesn’t work in a fixed location centre.  The model allows us to plan overall schedules right down to 30 min intervals.  It’s a tap that can be quickly turned on and off and is therefore very scheduling efficient.” 

Another positive aspect of the Partnership is that it has allowed Bupa to introduce homeworking internally in response to feedback from its people. 

Internal trials began in January 2019 when 10% of Bupa people volunteered to work-from-home part time.  In Feb 2020, that trial was extended to 50%.  The knowledge and experience gained through partnering with Sensée put it in a great position to conduct the trial.  Initially, Bupa experienced some technology issues (hardware, software, headsets etc.) as people made the switch but overall the knowledge/experience it had gained ensured a smooth transition.  

Homeworking quickly became a win-win for Bupa and its people.  Homeworkers reported significant WLB benefits (no commute to work time/costs, spending more time with the family) while Bupa benefitted from reduced absenteeism, enhanced productivity & improved engagement. By early 2020, it started to explore more flexible shift patterns (using the Sensée methodology) for its people. 

In March 2020 everything changed with lockdown – with 90% of Bupa contact centre personnel being asked to work-from-home.  While it wasn’t an easy time, Bupa was well prepared. Understanding the importance of flexible resourcing, Bupa offered its homeworkers flexible shifts so that it could operate for short periods at high occupancy.  The move was so successful that managers reported Advisers frequently asking for more work!  

Bupa dropped no contact centre performance markers during lockdown – and CSAT and Employee Engagement both rose.   


Summarise what makes this Contact Centre outsourcing partnership so successful and worthy of winning this award.

  • The relationship is a true Partnership with Sensée an effective extension of Bupa’s bricks and mortar (B&M) centres.
  • Sensée consistently delivers against Operational KPIs – including Quality Assurance, Complaint Logging & Resolution and Ex-Gratia Payments.  On occasion, Sensee achieves higher than in-house teams (e.g. July/August 2020 for Complaints Resolution). 
  • Sensée also delivers consistently against Commercial KPIs – including Utilisation (the time advisers are on or available for calls) of circa 83% (pre Covid), Occupancy of 95%, and Contacts Handled per Hour (often 50% greater than in-house). 
  • Bupa only pays for the hours Sensée supplies, not for IT (or other downtime) and is not billed for breaks.  This massively reduces shrinkage and delivers a 20-25% cost saving. Overall, homeworking has reduced cost-per-call by 30% compared to Bupa’s B&M centres.
  • Homeworking has allowed Bupa to dramatically reduce office costs by facilitating the move to a smaller office.
  • Sensée has delivered last minute resource to deal with system outages, power outages, unexpected spikes in demand & unplanned shrinkage on several occasions. Without this, Bupa wouldn’t have been able to serve customers at these critical times.
  • Sensée meets all regulatory requirements including FCA, CQC and Bupa’s internal controls. There is strong governance and excellent communication channels between the management teams.
  • A high level of engagement exists within the Sensée homeworking team and there is close collaboration with Bupa colleagues.  Despite everyone working remotely, the team is very close, regularly holding social sessions – even online Easter and Xmas parties!


“Over the last 4 years the Bupa and Sensée relationship has continued to strengthen. Sensée is a trusted partner that provides insight in a transparent and honest way.”

Mark Davies, Customer Contact Director, Bupa

“It’s testament to the technology & professionalism of Sensée that when a Bupa member calls there’s no difference from their perspective whether they’re speaking to an Adviser in a Bupa centre or a Sensée HomeAgent in Scotland.  As we’ve built our internal homeworking over the last two years we’ve always turned to Sensée models & best practices.  They are the benchmark against which we measure our own performance”.

Tom Doran, Remote Working Lead, Customer Contact, Bupa

Using homeworking to extend opening hours and boost employee engagement

Introduction of Family-friendly Shifts

Operating in a fiercely competitive market, this leading insurer is under pressure to optimise every part of its business: people, operations and technology.

As a company that’s committed to its people, it is also keen to maintain high levels of employee engagement and low attrition – a task that’s made difficult by intense labour market competition in and around its two UK centres.

In 2017, as part of its comprehensive Employee Engagement strategy, the company introduced more family-friendly shift patterns within its contact centres – effectively ending shifts after 6pm as well as many weekend shifts.

While regarded as a positive move within the business, it also created a significant resourcing problem. How could it maintain long opening hours (8am – 8pm) when it had fewer people available to work the more inconvenient service hours being offered to customers?

First Homeworking Steps

Homeworking was identified as a possible solution and introduced within a satellite office. Around 120 people were given Citrix-enabled PCs and asked to work-from-home either part or full time. Unfortunately, the trial quickly faltered. Employees had received little prior warning about the move and many found it simply wasn’t for them. With little to no experience of what it took to manage a large team of homeworkers, Managers and Team Leaders also struggled in multiple areas from communication to scheduling, maintaining motivation & productivity, training and monitoring the health & well being of remote workers. The team of 120 people quickly dwindled.

A Pilot Project

It was at this point that the insurer turned to Sensée and, after extensive planning discussions, a 9 month pilot project commenced in April 2018.

The project involved over 134 Sensée advisors providing general phone-based customer service and sales support to the company’s car insurance customers.

Support focused on two key areas. First, evenings and weekends – a strategy that dovetailed neatly with the company’s new family-friendly shift policy. And second, plugging the small scheduling gaps that occurred during the day where the insurer didn’t have the right number of people available, with the right skills, to meet the expected volume and nature of contacts. Sensée’s ability to micro schedule was absolutely key in this regard. With its TeamTonic scheduling solution able to schedule right down to 30 minute slots, the Operations team could simply review its entire daily/weekly/monthly workforce schedule, identify the gaps, and use Sensée personnel to fill them.

It was a flexible approach that delivered significant advantages to the insurer when it came to the commercial arrangement. Rather than specify a precise number of hours required every week/month, it was able to call on Sensée resources via a combination of mandatory hours and on-demand hours using a flexible ‘interval slot delivery’ approach. It also meant that the company only paid for the hours that Sensée delivered.

Moving towards a Longer Term Partnership

Following the conclusion of the pilot in August 2018, the partnership moved forward with changes to the number of contracted mandatory hours, as well as changes in the commercial arrangement.

Under the new approach, the Minimum Contracted Hours (MCH) that Sensée was required to work could be flexed up and down by up to 20% to drive even greater scheduling flexibility, while the requirement to work evenings and weekends was dropped in favour of a mid-week morning focus.

Sensée continued to support the company’s car insurance customers as well as help its client with new business and service calls.

In addition, a new contractual arrangement was introduced that combined payment by productive hours worked with payment by performance. The latter involved a calculation of performance based on 20 key KPIs (from AHT to renewal rate, CSAT, NPS, Quality, New Business sales and more).

The partnership built successfully over the next year. And when the contract was renewed in August 2019, a new skillset was introduced – Renewals. By August 2019, the contract had grown to 212 heads (covering Advisors, Team Leaders, Deputy Team Leaders and Floorwalkers).

Over the next 12 months the Sensée team continued to overcome challenges and frequently went the next step to support its client:

Upskilling the team to email handling to assist during the early stages of the Covid-19 crisis when it was transitioning its own people to home working
Uncovering several ‘ghosting rings’ (where fraudsters have attempted to set up multiple cars on the same policy, or cover multiple drivers on a single policy) potentially saving our client thousands of pounds

Sensée’s advisors and Support & Management remained professional and positive throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and feedback from the company’s Internal Quality Team has regularly praised the efforts of Sensée’s advisors. Customer feedback has also been very positive.

2020 Sensée performance against key KPIs is presented in the table below:

Leading Insurer stats

My Story – Kathryn

Where do you live? Berkshire

What’s your background? Before joining Sensée I worked in Catering and Hospitality. I am a mother to two girls.

Why did you join Sensée? I was looking for a full-time career role that would be both challenging and rewarding and, critically, allow me to work from home so I could spend more time with my children.

What’s your role at Sensée? In 2010, I successfully applied for a role at Sensée as a customer service agent. I took well to the role, became a top performer, and within weeks was promoted to Team Leader. Since then, I’ve never looked back. I progressed to an Account Manager (serving Rank Interactive and Photobox) and am now a Service Delivery Manager overseeing the Allianz and L&G accounts and disaster recovery.

What do you feel about working for Sensée? Working from home not only gives me the flexibility to fit work around my parental responsibilities but also a fulfilling career. I work with a great team of people and although we work apart, we’re always in contact whether that be over IM, the Sensée LiveDesk or phoning each other when we’re on breaks. The flexibility to choose my own shifts is also key. I love the peace and quiet of homeworking and honestly don’t miss anything about the office… except maybe the coffee breaks!

“Kathryn oozes commitment and a hunger for being great at all she does. In turn, the team respect and look up to her. She does this so effortlessly whilst being a mum of 2 – I think that’s amazing!”

Ravinda Chana, Customer Support Manager, Photobox

DPD overcomes peak demand challenges with support from Sensée


In 2016 DPD (UK) was looking to introduce a new supplier to support its customer services teams. It was looking for a partner focused on quality and who could provide a flexibility of workforce that could adapt to the changing requirements of a fast-growing and successful business.

Sensée was chosen because DPD felt it could provide flexibility and quality using its scalable homeworking model. The first engagement began in November 2016, with a requirement to ‘go live’ in February 2017.

Following the initial discovery, and a clear understanding of DPD’s requirements, a team was recruited. Virtual training was devised, and systems & processes put in place to support customer service delivery.

Day One

The Sensée advisers started an 8 day induction training on the 8th February, and took their first consumer calls on Monday the 20th February 2017. Once the team was up and running effectively, and achieving its quality and productivity KPIs, a recruitment plan was put in place to meet the retail peak in October and November. This entailed recruiting new teams from August and increasing weekly hours by over 400% within a 10 week period (850 hours per week to 4,000 by the end of November). This also involved changing the shape of the hours provided to ensure that service level was maintained and in accordance with DPD’s priorities.

In 2018, Sensée began to manage emails, including Investigations and Make it Right queues, which have a greater complexity and higher priority. Working with the DPD Planning Manager, Sensée has also been focused on call handling at specific times of day to ensure that the flexible resourcing model is optimised.

Measuring Performance

DPD manages its suppliers through a balanced scorecard methodology, with 5 specific KPIs around quality, productivity, service level and cost. Sensée averaged 95% against these criteria from June 2019 to March 2020, with consistently high levels of achievement in the following areas:

DPD achievements

Sensée came to be seen as a trusted partner that provided insight to DPD in a transparent and honest way. This has supported DPD in its initiatives to improve customer experience and increase efficiency.

Anne-Marie Cunningham (Head of Customer Services, DPD UK) said ‘We are truly delighted with our relationship with Sensée. They are extremely flexible and adaptable to our changing needs, and also proactive in finding better ways of doing things on our consumers behalf.’

Key Partnership Highlights

  • Sensée was able to overcome peak demand challenges in 2018, reducing email queues within 3 weeks of being made responsible for them. High productivity and queue management then maintained this level of service.
  • While focussing on quality of service, Sensée has been able to deliver the lowest AHT scores across the estate through a focused approach to optimising call control. It achieved an AHT in Q1 2019 of 280 seconds against a 330 second target.
  • Sensée has provided DPD with up to 25% extra resource in the form of just-in-time hours in order to cope with unexpected demand challenges. Sensée’s model allows home advisers to quickly sign up to those work hours deemed ‘more unsociable’ should the need arise, through the use of an annualised flex system. This has allowed DPD to move the Sensée resource quickly to problematic queues.
  • The Sensée resource planning team has helped improve consumer call queues by working with DPD to analyse patterns and volumes. This led to the introduction of a peak shaving model which allows sites to work together collaboratively for maximum efficiency and takes advantage of the flexibility Sensée offers. Since the introduction, performance against SLAs has increased by 15% across the estate.
  • Sensée has achieved an overall KPI performance level of 95% for the period July 2019 – March 2020, twice hitting the 100 points level. This composite score includes individual performance scores across KPIs for cost, quality, productivity and customer satisfaction measures.

My Story: Olamide

Where do you live? London

What’s your background? I previously worked in another contact centre homeworking company where I was self-employed.  I have a degree in architecture.  

Why did you join Sensée? When I had my first child in 2012 I was forced to give up my job as it wasn’t possible to be absent for over 30 days as a self-employed contractor.  I was attracted to Sensée when I learnt that it was a fully-employed role that supported new mums and provided the flexible hours that would enable me to work around my childcare duties.

What’s your role at Sensée? I joined Sensée in 2012 as a HomeAgent on the Rank account.  Shortly afterwards I became pregnant with my second child.  After returning to work I moved to the Photobox account as a Deputy Team Leader, and now work across two L&G teams (15 HomeAgents) in the same role.  I’ve been fortunate during my time with the company to assist in many different areas. This has included helping out the Recruitment Team and more recently delivering Retentions Upskill Training on behalf of L&G.   

What do you feel about working for Sensée? I love the work, the variety of my role and especially the way it allows me to work around my childcare duties.  Typically I start at 9am after dropping off my kids (now aged 6 and 8) and work till 3pm.  I then work later after settling them down after school.  We have lots of people in the company in a similar position to myself – single dads, working mums, others who are carers for relatives who require doctor and hospital appointments – and we’re all appreciative of the situations of others.  It’s not uncommon for people to fill in for others using our ‘skill swap’ facilities when they can’t make a shift because of an unexpected event.  We may all work remotely but team members have so much connection simply via typing.  I think I’m an example of living the Sensée dream… I have been given the opportunity to do things I never expected to do in my career.