(New eBook) The Team Leader Role in a Hybrid World

Think you understand what it takes to be a great Team Leader?

Well think again… because the switch to home & hybrid working is bringing about major changes in the way organisations view the role.

‱ In an office setting, Team Leaders must be managers, supervisors, motivators and enforcers (!) – as well as providers of practical support (especially when it comes to problem solving, knowledge and delivering emotional support)

‱ In a work-from-home setting, all those qualities still apply. But, in addition, they have an even more important role to play in employee engagement, communication, health and well-being support, and building team culture (WHEREVER people work)

So what makes a great Team Leader?

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(Free eBook) Hybrid working in the Contact Centre Survey Results

Hybrid working is here to stay!

According to our survey of 102 UK contact centres, two-thirds (66%) believe that 50% or more of their advisers will be working from home (at least part of the time) by the end of 2023.

The ‘How successfully has your contact centre embraced hybrid working?’ market survey is the most comprehensive study of the hybrid working plans of top UK companies conducted post lockdown.

Conducted by Pitch Marketing Surveys and supported by Sensée, the Welsh Contact Centre Forum and SuccessKPI, the survey was conducted in Nov/Dec 2022.

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(White Paper) Strategies for Effective Hybrid Working

As the UK moves into the post-pandemic period, CX decision-makers are under pressure as never before to meet and exceed consumer demands.

This trend is omnipresent across the British economy. It is made even more difïŹcult by the shift in customer management operating models over the past 18 months. The move to a more virtualized delivery platform took many decision-makers by surprise and has become a structural part of how service is delivered to customers across the UK.

In this context, Ryan Advisory and Sensée brought together a dozen executives from across the vertical spectrum to forecast the direction of remote customer management as the country emerges from the COVID19 pandemic.

The themes that were discussed ranged from operational transformation to agent management. However, all panelists pointed to signiïŹcant disruption in UK customer management and, amid these changes, no enterprise can expect a business-as-usual approach to CX moving forward.

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(eBook) Business and Digital Transformation in a Hybrid World

Covid 19 has changed the contact centre landscape forever… but what will the future bring?

How will organisations embrace work-from-home (WFH) and hybrid working opportunities? And how can they deliver enhanced customer experiences (CX) with greater customer choice and better business efficiency?

In this eBook we explore the role that business/digital transformation strategies and high quality self-serve/AI solutions will play in delivering contact centre change.

Content includes:

  • 12 hybrid working challenges/ 12 Digital Transformation Challenges/ 12 Customer Self-Service Challenges
  • A toolkit for establishing Your WFH and Hybrid Model
  • Creating and implementing a Digital Transformation strategy
  • Creating a multichannel strategy that drives operational efficiency
  • Promoting continuous improvement in people and processes.

The “Business and Digital Transformation in a Hybrid World” eBook is best viewed in 2 page format.

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Bus and Dig Transformation

(eBook) Contact Centres in the Fast Lane: The Rise of a New Operating Model

Contact Centres in the Fast Lane CoverCaught in a wider organisational response to the pandemic, contact centre leadership is busily responding to the demands of customer, employee and organisation.

Their combined impact is starting to redesign the way that contact centres work.

Imagination has been liberated as new responses are urgently demanded.

Many outstanding ambitions such as digital first engagement, omni-channel effectiveness, actionable insight, AI fuelled decision making, front line empowerment are now in production and being scaled.

This eBook explores why the contact centre is likely to remain in a state of accelerated change and what it might look like as part of a broader digital first capability that now underpins most organisational transformation.

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(eBook) Contact Centre Homeworking: 10 Key Operational Challenges

How do you:

  1. Recruit and onboard homeworkers?
  2. Maintain visibility of homeworking activities?
  3. Manage Performance?
  4. Communicate with homeworkers?
  5. Train homeworkers?
  6. Ensure your homeworking environment is compliant?
  7. Ensure your homeworking environment is secure?
  8. Deliver homeworking work-life-balance benefits (such as split shifts)?
  9. Enable real-time collaboration?
  10. Manage homeworkers?Read our eBook today and get on top of these major remote management issues.

Read our eBook and learn how to get on top of these and many other remote management issues.

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74 per cent of contact centre employees who homework have a better work-life-balance says new survey

HomeAgent PicThe UK’s largest contact centre homeworking survey “The 2020 UK HomeAgent Study” reveals that more and more UK contact centres are turning to homeworking as they discover its huge potential financial and productivity benefits. The survey was conducted between November 2019 and the middle of March 2020, prior to the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK.

The 2020 survey was managed/published by the UK Contact Centre Forum and sponsored by Content Guru, Sensée and SYKES. It is the second time the survey has been run, the first was in 2016. 300 Managers/Directors and HomeAgents took part in the 2020 UK HomeAgent study by completing online questionnaire surveys.

When comparing work-at-home with office-based contact centre operations, 75 per cent of organisations responding to the survey say that Attrition is lower, 61 per cent say Productivity is better, and 54 per cent say Absenteeism is better. By comparison, in the 2016 study, the figures were 42, 46, and 58 per cent respectively.

As well as delivering significant advantages to businesses, homeworking is also delivering huge benefits to agents. 74 per cent of HomeAgents say that they have a better work-life-balance. 86 per cent say they they have no travel-to-work costs, while 81 per cent say that they have removed the time wasted travelling to work. By comparison, in the 2016 study, the figures were 65, 73, and 68 per cent respectively.

Other key findings from the 2020 survey include:

  • 75 per cent of HomeAgents are aged 35 or over; 61 per cent have over 10 years experience in customer contact roles
  • 71 per cent of HomeAgents say that they are happy (at least some of the time); 65 per cent are proud to tell people where they work
  • 50 per cent of organisations allow HomeAgents to work multiple shifts on a single day
  • 97 per cent of HomeAgents experience virtual training; 70 per cent of these think it is just as effective as office-based training
  • 59 per cent of HomeAgents supply/buy their own laptops; 76 per cent supply their own broadband/internet
  • 79 per cent of HomeAgents meet colleagues once a month or less

“Our survey results reveal that interest in homeworking has never been higher” said Trevor Butterworth, CEO of the UK Contact Centre Forum. “Compared with our 2016 Survey, an even greater number of HomeAgents are reporting that they’re enjoying a better work-life-balance, have no travel-to-work costs, and have removed the time wasted travelling to work, with Employers reporting greater gains in terms of lower Attrition and Absenteeism, and higher Productivity.

“Subsequent to this research concluding, Covid-19 has changed the homeworking picture significantly. Recent research from ContactBabel/Channel Doctors indicates that 84 per cent of UK contact centres are now mainly home-based*. However, this doesn’t change the significance of our research. In fact, quite the opposite. As companies emerge from lockdown, they need to make tough decisions about what the ‘new normal’ will look like, and where homeworking fits in. This research can provide them with the confidence that homeworking is a sound option from an ethical, financial and employee engagement perspective.

“It should come as no surprise that an April 2020 UKCCF webinar poll of 156 organisations revealed that 47 per cent of contact centres that have introduced homeworking in response to Covid-19 see it as a longer term strategy rather than just a short term measure.”

To download an Executive Summary of the 2020 UK HomeAgent survey, please go to https://bit.ly/3jJPIkF