(eBook) Business and Digital Transformation in a Hybrid World

Covid 19 has changed the contact centre landscape forever… but what will the future bring?

How will organisations embrace work-from-home (WFH) and hybrid working opportunities? And how can they deliver enhanced customer experiences (CX) with greater customer choice and better business efficiency?

In this eBook we explore the role that business/digital transformation strategies and high quality self-serve/AI solutions will play in delivering contact centre change.

Content includes:

  • 12 hybrid working challenges/ 12 Digital Transformation Challenges/ 12 Customer Self-Service Challenges
  • A toolkit for establishing Your WFH and Hybrid Model
  • Creating and implementing a Digital Transformation strategy
  • Creating a multichannel strategy that drives operational efficiency
  • Promoting continuous improvement in people and processes.

The “Business and Digital Transformation in a Hybrid World” eBook is best viewed in 2 page format.

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Bus and Dig Transformation

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