(Flexible working e-meeting) The Great Debate: Gig Working vs The Employed Model

Thursday 29 October at noon
Chair: Leigh Hopwood, CCMA
Gig working spokesperson: TBC, Limitless
Employed status spokesperson: Mark Walton, CEO, Sensée

As contact centres grapple to determine a future operating model on a backdrop of increased homeworking, the attitudes of a new generation of workers and a desire to find a better work-life balance are driving contact centre leaders to start thinking differently.

The Great Debate will focus on two alternative approaches to flexible working ‘Gig Working’ and ‘The Employed Model’ pitching Sensée, the contact centre business renowned for its successful homeworking operations, against Limitless, a business that has deployed a gig workforce to deliver contact centre capabilities.

How it will work

We plan to have some fun! Sensée will open the debate and propose why flexible working is appropriate in most settings, the ethics behind it and the security it provides. Then we’ll hear from Limitless who will oppose this approach and present how gig working can meet the needs of both customers and colleagues.

You will be invited to share your comments and questions through the Zoom platform, which will be shared live by our Chair of the debate, Leigh Hopwood.

After closing comments from both the proposer and the opposition, you will be invited to vote on the statement: Flexible working is appropriate in more settings than gig working.

What are Gig Workers?

Gig workers are independent contractors, online platform workers, contract firm workers, on-call workers and temporary workers. Gig workers enter into formal agreements with on-demand companies to provide services to the company’s clients. They have high levels of flexibility and autonomy.


12:00 Welcome – Leigh Hopwood
12:05 Proposition: Employed Model – Mark Walton, Sensée (6 mins)
12:11 Opposition: Gig Working – TBC, Limitless (6 mins)
12:17 Response: Employed Model – Mark Walton, Sensée (6 mins)
12:23 Response: Gig Working – TBC, Limitless (6 mins)
12:30 Comments and questions from the floor (prepared by Leigh, Mark and Limitless)
12:45 Closing comments: Employed Model – Mark Walton, Sensée (2 mins)
12:47 Closing comments: Gig Working – TBC, Limitless (2 mins)
12:50 Vote on the statement: “The Employed model is a more appropriate way to achieve flexible working in a broad range of settings than gig working”

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