How Green is Your Work-From-Home Household? (The Winners – Part 1)

Every working day Sensée employees play their part in helping the environment….. by avoiding the daily commute.

But for many colleagues, their commitment to the environmental goes a lot deeper.

Here are two of the winners’ stories from our recent ‘How Green is Your Household’ internal competition.

These are Donna and Rachel’s stories….


“In our home we really enjoy finding ways to support and help our lovely world. We recycle all the usual suspects (paper, glass and plastics), clothes and toys and share with friends and local charities.

We also buy eco-friendly household products whenever possible and the odd box full of fruit and veg (a brilliant scheme set up to stop hundreds of thousands of tonnes of fruit and vegetables going to waste).

Donna Collage 2

I’ve just started an etsy shop called Pops Vintage Home where I sell vintage furniture. I love the process of taking something that’s about to go off to the tip and giving it some love and care ready for someone else to use and enjoy. I use eco-friendly and natural products whenever possible when working with the furniture.

Finally, we recycle old magazines to make collages/life boards filled with inspiring quotes and images. It’s fun to create and lovely to stop and look at and the images and words afterwards. They help us stay positive and focused.”



“My garden was an uneven overgrown space and I‘ve transformed it with recycled materials.

I posted on social media asking for free scrap metal, wood, plants and anything odd that people had hanging around. I had a great response and this is what I’ve done with it all……

  • I’ve taken some old radiators and placed a threaded rod through them to make railings. The structure doubles up as a climber for my passion flower (Donated by a random old lady!)
  • Acquired an old gate (from a skip) and supported this by 2 lock cheeks that were donated by the Canal and River Trust
  • Taken an 8ft old pole from someone’s garden, topped it with a glass skull and filled it with solar fairy lightsRachel pics
  • My next door neighbour was throwing out a BBQ. I chopped it up and mixed it with some wood and metal scraps to make a very strange planter
  • Old Belfast sink and strange glass thing from a local school science lab (I did make a donation!). Not sure what I am doing with it yet but it is attached to my veg growing bed that is made out of recycled decking boards
  • A donated bird station that I upgraded to include a walking rail, water funnel and emergency tap
  • Self-made pond from donated sleepers, a concrete step and donated plant cuttings. In 2 years, I now have frogs, crested newts and a paddling pool for Buddy!
  • I refurbished some old tractor lights with Leds and hard wired them for ambient lighting… for when one has friends over for drinks and nibbles


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