What homeworking means to me as a working mum

As a working mum and recording artist, the flexible schedules and support provided by Sensée makes a massive difference to Kirsty. Here is her story.

After many years working in Account Management roles within the food supplies sector, and then helping build a start-up solar energy business, Kirsty decided on a career change.

When not working, she is a recording artist and plays lots of gigs, which is demanding on her time in terms of rehearsals, travel etc. She also wanted a better work-life-balance.

Kirsty sought a part time role and, after finding Sensée online and successfully applying in 2015, she started work as a service adviser for a leading UK car breakdown service. She quickly fell in love with homeworking and was promoted to a Quality Analyst and, in 2018, to a Team Leader working for a well known insurance brand.

In late 2018 her biggest dream came true and her daughter was born. Kirsty is raising her daughter on her own due to circumstances out of her control and started to build a close support network with her family and friends.

Kirsty returned to work at Sensée for the same insurance client in January 2020. However it hasn’t been all plain sailing. In April 2020, for example, she was forced to isolate with her 14 month old daughter due to a Covid outbreak at nursery and was quickly forced to seek help.

Kirsty’s managers placed her onto an account which would allow her the flexibility she needed to raise her daughter and maintain her income.

Throughout lockdown, Kirsty adjusted her schedules to fit in meetings around her daughter’s naps and other times when she would be quieter or could be easily distracted (e.g. with Pepper Pig!). She even occasionally brought her along to team meetings.

While there were times when things got tricky as her daughter started to find her feet and became more adventurous, Kirsty has had constant support – with team members more than willing to jump in and cover matters as and when required. Her daughter became an account mascot and everyone was made up to see her big smile in weekly huddles.

Kirsty works a 40 hour week and that sometime means working 7 days a week, and during evenings, to fit in all her hours. “Things have been tough for many colleagues during lockdown and I frequently hear people say we are all in same boat” says Kirsty “But I’m not sure any other job would allow that me the degree of flexibility I have at Sensée”.

As we emerge from lockdown, her daughter is back at nursery and thriving. Working at Sensée allows Kirsty to work around her nursery pick up and drop off times without a long commute, as well as maintain a great work-life balance.

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