My Homeworking Story (Episode 2): Coping with distractions

In the second article in our ‘Homeworking Stories’ series, Sensée Training Manager Sam Goldney explains another secret to her success as a homeworker.

Coping with Distractions

Sam GoldneySo you’ve dropped your daughter off at school crying and the teacher has peeled her off your leg as she fancies a day at home with Mummy.

The dog has chased a bird into what felt like the next county and wouldn’t come back so you’re running late to get back home with a sulky dog firmly on a lead.

The cat has brought a mouse into the house and it is currently squeaking its way round the lounge with said cat in hot pursuit….. and you need to be on a conference call with a new client in five minutes. Arrggghhhhhh!

All of those (and more) have happened to me during my work from home journey.  And I’d put part of my success at homeworking down to an ability to switch off and concentrate on the job in hand…. just as if I was in a contact centre where I wouldn’t have those distractions around me.

Here are my 9 tips for coping with distractions:

  1. If you have pets, shut them away in another part of the house so they don’t disturb you when you’re working
  2. Get dressed – it doesn’t have to be in a suit but the act of getting dressed ready for work psychologically amends your mindset
  3. Have a dedicated work space which is always kept clear so you can focus on the job in hand
  4. Switch off your phone or at least put it on silent and log out of all social media
  5. Ensure family members and friends know that you’re working. You can’t stop for a coffee if someone happens to ‘pop-in’ whilst you’re working
  6. Start the day with a realistic to do list and set yourself goals to achieve
  7. Stay active, stand up, stretch your arms. Generally avoid getting uncomfortable whilst you’re working
  8. Take breaks – get some exercise, plan a lunch time walk, or go for a bike ride or run. You’re always much fresher after exercise and it’s good for your mental health too
  9. Plan time to speak with your colleagues – then you can ignore the ping of Teams without worrying about appearing rude

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