My Homeworking Story (Episode 4): Work-Life Balance

Jess has always led a busy outdoor life. For the last 15 years she has been a divemaster and scuba instructor, helped train racehorses, operated as a qualified equine sports massage therapist and worked on a rare breed longhorn cattle farm.

In March 2020, however, her new role as a scuba sales and training consultant came to an abrupt halt when Covid struck. While she could still operate as a diving instructor and carry out equine massage work (at certain times during lockdown), demand for those services was much slower.

Jess came across Sensée online and applied successfully to work on an important Government public information service in April.

Although she had never worked in an office before, she quickly took to work-from-home. “I love it because it has given me the gift of time” says Jess. “I no longer have to make a 1-1.5 hour commute each side of the day, giving me more time to ride my horses, work on the farm and do my other jobs.”

Jess works 30 hours a week, booking in her hours in advance at times that suit her best (which is often 3 full days and one half day) and there is currently plenty of opportunity for overtime.

“I never imagined that work-from-home would be so social” adds Jess. “But we’re a close team, the training and support is excellent, and the LiveDesk communications system means we’re always in live contact with managers and colleagues.”

“I’ve been self-employed for most of the last 12 years and never worked for anyone that gave me paid holidays! Sensée is not only providing me with guaranteed and interesting work but also a much better work-life-balance. I used to get up at 4.30am to work on the farm. Now I can get up at 6.30am! While I went into this as short term fix I definitely see it now as a longer term solution.”

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