(Online workshop): Creating a Digital Workplace for Home & Hybrid Workers

Wednesday 8th March 2023, 11:00 – 12.00pm

In this latest Hybrid Working online workshop, Contact Centre Network Northern Ireland (CCNNI) and Sensée will discuss the role that Digital Workplaces will play in the (virtual) office of the future. This will cover:

  • What are Digital Workplaces?
  • Why industry analysts say that they’ll be crucial to comms, collaboration and management in the office of the future
  • How they add value to office IT tools (like Teams and Slack)
  • How Digital Workplaces will ensure teams (comprising home, hybrid and office workers) are all on the same page
  • How they can help build/maintain a strong Company and Team Culture

The session will feature a demonstration of a Digital Workplace in action….. Sensee’s award-winning LiveDesk® technology platform.

Click here to register for the online workshop

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