(Online workshop) Does WFH work? Does it make business sense?

Chair: Sandra Busby, Welsh Contact Centre Forum
Date: June 8th 2022
Time: 10.00 to 11.30am

Many people criticising work-from-home (WFH) are missing the point. No experienced WFH practitioner will ever tell you that it works for everyone.

However it does work brilliantly for some people and the key for organisations going forward will be to identify those people for whom it does work, and then to devise/implement the recruitment, management, scheduling, security, training and other strategies required to make those people engaged and productive.

WFH headlines

This online workshop will focus on the business case for WFH and how to create an effective WFH/hybrid model.

Sandra Busby will be joined by experts from home and hybrid workplace specialists Sensée – Paul Whymark, Chief Operations Officer and Homeworking Team Leader, Sarah Benkalai.

During the session, we will ask:

  • How do you get people in your organisation to recognise the value of WFH and hybrid working?
  • How can organisations measure the effectiveness of WFH and hybrid versus bricks and mortar?
  • Should WFH be a right or a reward?
  • What strategic and tactical plans will best ensure everyone is on the same work mission?
  • What should go into your homeworking strategy?
  • Who should be involved in its preparation?
  • Understanding the homeworkers’ journey: Why do people choose to WFH?
  • What behaviours/characteristics are associated with the best homeworkers?
  • How do you go about recruiting this profile of person?

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