(Online workshop): Health & Well Being – Looking after your homeworkers

Chair: Sandra Busby, Welsh Contact Centre Forum
Date: Wed Nov 30th 2022
Time: 10.00 to 11.30am

There’s been no more important topic in 2022 and, as we look to 2023, no signs that Health and Well Being (H&WB) will be any less of a challenge next year.

Nobody ever pretended that the New World of Work would be easy but few foresaw the scale of the Cost of Living crisis that we’re now living through.

In this online workshop we look to share experiences and ask how to better look after the H&WB of your homeworkers.

We will ask…. how do you:

  • Tackle loneliness amongst remote workers?
  • Coach advisers to better serve vulnerable customers?
  • Effectively communicate to @home employees – and make sure that they have read and understood your comms?
  • Ensure @home and office advisers are all on the same page?
  • Manage the ‘now’ (together with standard ‘line’ management)?

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