Home workers happier, able to balance responsibilities


New research claims that home-based employees are choosing to work more hours than those who work in traditional offices. According to the study carried out by homeworking agency Sensée, despite opting to work more hours daily, home workers are generally happier because they’re empowered to choose the hours they work so they can still attend to family responsibilities. Three quarters of home workers (77 percent) stated that working from home enables them to achieve more, including caring for family members or friends and exercising more. Time and money saved on commuting – along with more control over their day – were cited among the top three benefits of working from home. Access the findings

Sensée turns to Isle of Wight for homeworking jobs



Sensée turns to Isle of Wight for homeworking jobs

UK’s largest employer of homeworkers will hire up to 100 permanent staff on the Island

Sensée, the UK’s leading homeworking outsourcing provider, today announced it has chosen the Isle of Wight for its next recruitment drive.

Offering a highly educated population, and with almost 98[1] per cent of the Island already connected to superfast fibre broadband through networks like BT Openreach and WightFibre, Sensée is looking to recruit up to a hundred permanent homeworkers. As the Isle of Wight also has a high number (16,000) of unpaid carers, Sensée is looking to offer employment to those that would benefit from flexible working to meet family commitments.

“The Isle of Wight offers untapped potential for homeworking,” explains Steve Mosser, CEO of Sensée. “It’s one of the most connected areas of the UK – if not Europe – and its highly educated population makes it an attractive destination for homeworking. It also has a great tourism industry that is friendly and welcoming, and these skills can be easily transferred into a customer service environment.”

Following the Island’s recent Government-led fibre rollout project, 99 per cent fibre broadband coverage is expected over the coming years. This means that anyone with access to broadband at home can take advantage of the opportunity to work from home and enjoy a healthy work/life balance.

“Any investment in the Isle of Wight that supports our community and reduces unemployment is welcomed,” explains Kevin Smith, Chief Executive, Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce. “It’s an exciting time for the Island, especially now that we’re one of the most connected parts of the country.”

Isle of Wight Councillor Ian Stephens, Executive Member for Regeneration, Economic Sustainability and Development, added “The Island is home to a diverse network of individuals who can offer so much; and homeworking is a very real option for Islanders, especially given that we have high levels of broadband connectivity locally. The rural broadband project led by the council, has been an enabler for those people with skills and expertise, who may be housebound, to acquire flexible employment opportunities, such as this Sensée homeworking initiative.  It has opened up more of the Island to better broadband speeds, making us the ideal location.  It’s a win win for the Island and Sensée.” 

Sensée offers employees a rewarding career serving customers of the UK’s leading brands. To find out more and apply for one of the positions available, candidates are encouraged to visit: http://www.sensee.co.uk/homeworking/vacancies.html?src=1234 

About Sensée

Founded in 2004, Sensée is the leading home working outsourcer, and employs approximately 700 home agents from across the UK to serve a prestigious, international client base that includes Argos, Aviva, Eurostar, PhotoBox, RAC and Rank Interactive.

SensĂ©e’s multi-channel customer management services, delivered by highly skilled home agents, give clients unprecedented agility to respond to rapidly changing market conditions, significant operational cost reductions and exceptionally high levels of customer satisfaction.

For Sensée press enquiries, please contact:

Joshua Van Raalte or Denis Davies


020 7785 7383



[1] Source: https://issuu.com/iwchamber/docs/ib_march_16_web/28

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