(Webinar) Dealing with Seasonal Peaks, Uneven Weekly Demand, and Unexpected Call Spikes


This webinar will look at the role home and hybrid working can play in meeting contact centre staffing challenges associated with the upcoming 2022 retail peaks (such as Black Friday and the festive season) as well as other uneven/unexpected peaks in consumer contact traffic.

Sensée’s Simon Hunter will firstly explain the benefits that businesses are enjoying through home and hybrid working – and discuss common remote worker management issues.

Sensée’s Claire Benbow will then highlight recent examples of where home and hybrid working was successfully used to address:

– Weekly and seasonal peak challenges for a major UK high street retailer
– Seasonal demand challenges for a well known online retailer
– Weekly peak challenges for a major global healthcare provider

Finally, during an extended Q&A session, attendees will have the opportunity to discuss their most burning contact centre homeworking issues.

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