(Webinar) Optimising Customer and Employee Experience in a Hybrid World



As most organisations discovered during lockdown, managing work-from-home (WFH) personnel isn’t easy.

However as companies learnt the basics about WFH recruitment, training, collaboration and scheduling, many found the transition from office to home beneficial for employers, employees and customers.

Fast forward to today’s hybrid (home/office) world and the goalposts have moved again.

It’s no longer just a question of making WFH work. It’s now about making the whole work – not just the part – keeping home and office team members on the same page, and serving everyone fairly & consistently – independent of location. Key to this is creating new workflows that optimise the employee experience – and ultimately the customer experience too.

This webinar will focus on key hybrid working business challenges and the technology transformation required to meet those challenges in the new world of work.

Cloudworks CEO and Sensée founder Steve Mosser will be joined by a Sensée Hybrid Working Team Leader to discuss a range of topical current issues.

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