Webinar Recording: Addressing Today’s Key Homeworking Challenges 


In our recent webinar hosted by the South West Contact Centre Forum, we  discussed key homeworking issues facing businesses today, including:

  • How to better manage the consequences of cost of living increases
  • Dealing with vulnerable customers
  • Overcoming recruitment challenges with a WFH/hybrid model
  • Addressing ‘time to competency’ concerns
  • Employee engagement in a WFH/hybrid setting
  • Retraining team leaders to better manage/communicate with homeworkers
  • Bursting the bubble of WFM misconceptions
  • Using WFH resources to overcome imbalances in consumer demand

Jane Thomas, Managing Director of the SWCCF, chaired the event which featured Sensée’s Jo Hodge (Service Delivery Manager) and Jo Mallalieu (Team Leader).

The webinar is now available on replay so if you want to hear our team talking about all these points in more detail. Please go to https://bit.ly/3JD9VHe Passcode: HtL+G?0N

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